Directed by Niklas Ladberg Produced by Storyboard Film & Television
Station idents for the largest TV-channel in Sweden, TV4. Nya kanalidentiteten för TV4: När TV4:s nya kanalgrafik börjar rulla i rutan den 13 december tar TV4 steget ut från TV4-världen , där några av kanalens mest kända profiler stått för inramningen, och rakt ut i den svenska verkligheten. I staden,...
This intro at the Scania Live Event revealed the new truck. Following was the presentation of the new vehicle. Client: Scania and Occasion Director: Niklas Ladberg Production Company: Chimney Group
Autoliv-Nissin designs, develops and produces brake control and brake actuation systems for the global light vehicle market. The company started its operation on April 1, 2016 with manufacturing facilities in Japan, China and the United States. Produced by Storyboard Film & Television AB Director Niklas Ladberg
In this two minute video, Autoliv development team members give an overview of Autoliv, and our work to save more lives through continuous development for safety in the future cars. This includes ADAS and the development of Autonomous Driving. Director: Niklas Ladberg Production company: Chimneygroup Client: Autoliv